Begin. It’s how anything gets done; huge complex things and small simple things. They all have beginnings.

Not all beginnings have nice neat endings. You can quit things. You can stop and begin something else. You can fail.

You know you can fail, of course. It’s the fear of failure that keeps us from beginning. You can think a lot about your screen play, your great business idea, going back to school, getting is shape, taking a class, expressing your love, saying goodbye, but never do any of it, never begin. Most dreams don’t end in failure, we lock them away to protect them where they wither and die from lack of sunlight.

Beginning something that doesn’t end well, or maybe even badly, that should happen a lot. No progress, no movement forward is made without risk. You never get better without failure, it’s the foundation of success.

That’s so pompous. Don’t make such a big deal of it, that’s what I’m saying. Get started and worry about the rest later. Begin.

Nov 23